Letterman Lockers

True success blooms when preparation meets opportunity. The investment in a brand doesn’t stop with a set of shiny new logos. Now is when you put your assets to work. Letterman Lockers are online school stores that help make access to your apparel and gear convenient and easy — with royalty revenue returned to support your schools.

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West Des Moines Community Schools
Okoboji Community School District
Courage League Sports

Turn your investment in your brand into an asset for your future:

  • Trademark your marks and messaging
  • Rally support for your schools
  • Infuse supplemental sales of desired quality apparel and gear
  • Establish greater protection of brand investment
  • Create a new reliable revenue stream!

Our unique Letterman Locker e-commerce sites include:

  • E-commerce shop featuring the school brand connected to your district website
  • Branded school-specific items born from a uniquely developed brand voice for your schools
  • Clothing styles for all ages and relationships to the school (students, staff, parents, grandparents, babies, etc.)
  • Range of offerings that appeal to any economic background and preference
  • School-branded gear, including caps, backpacks, tumblers, etc.
  • 24/7/365 open store with made-to-order product delivery to individual households
  • Responsive website design for mobile device ordering
  • Guaranteed % of gross sales returned to school district or groups via licensing agreement
  • Increased revenue stream for your schools!

We’re passionate about helping schools create an identity that excites the student body, unites the community and increases royalty revenue to support your endeavors in education.

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