We believe a school’s identity is an investment in its future. Not only does it establish community uniqueness, but — when done right — it becomes an asset that can benefit the district or college. To determine if your school needs a brand refresh, consider the following:

Is your school logo truly yours?

If you’re a high school borrowing a university or professional sports logo, a cease and desist letter could force you to make quick, expensive changes you’re not prepared to make.

We design unique, original identity systems specifically for schools that they’re proud to own outright in perpetuity.

Is your school branding strong, clean and modern?

In this digital age, if your branding is dated, inconsistent or poorly designed, you might be seeing all kinds of logos being introduced within your district or college. This can cause identity chaos and divide groups within a community that should be unified in their approach.

We can build a uniform collegiate-style branding platform — from multi-faceted logo systems to apparel and merchandise — to give your school a professional look.

Is your school culture reflected in your identity?

As school districts grow, merge and change, your current mascot may no longer be representative of your student population. The same is true for culturally-dated mascots: tradition is one thing, but if your mascot is questionable or insensitive, you could face scrutiny from the public and media.

We can help evolve a brand so that it is more inclusive of everyone in the school and a point of pride for all in your community.

Are there bigger changes on the way?

Many schools are expanding with opportunities to build new facilities. This is essential to the health of communities and reshaping their endeavors for the future. When big changes are already happening, modern branding can cement the investment for decades ahead.

We can develop the right timeless brand that your community needs for years to come.

Our proven process for school branding includes:

  • Capturing various audiences’ points of view and gaining community buy-in
  • Employing creative and public relations experts
  • Partnering with school boards and staff to ensure a smooth brand roll-out
  • Developing a brand system for all school levels and activities
  • Designing branded assets including: style guide, fashion apparel, merchandise,
    facility interior design needs, building signage, vehicle graphics, uniforms and
    equipment, internal collateral and more!
  • Providing new or increased revenue stream possibilities

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